HIBISCUS ISLAND|THREE STORY HOME ON HIBISCUS ISLAND HONORS VERNACULAR ARCHITECTURE WITH SURPRISING MODERN INTERIOR FINISHES.|Six-bedroom custom built home with tropical exterior detailing showcases historical design features. A bright foyer leads directly to the back of the house not before passing a lavender console with metal rivets and metallic sconces. A transitional entryway table with low profile ottomans separates the living and dining spaces. Royal blue and yellow tones are consistent throughout the interiors, specifically in the casual dining room where a designer table is surrounded by blue chairs with matte black legs. A citrine yellow built in bench sits elegantly between custom artworks gently illuminated by natural light. The formal dining features traditional seating in tones of beige, while sheer curtains cast parallel shadows against the walnut floors. Treasured accessories displayed in illuminated shelves stand out in the living room where four ornate armchairs and blue velvet sofa create the ultimate room for conversation. A Calacatta marble kitchen with hints of blue is functional yet playful with a peacock feather rug design. Special details are not to be missed in the bedrooms where personalities shine from collector art pieces, blue fur trimmed seating, to lavender geometric prints; each room is uniquely different. Spa like bathrooms with intricate tile and wall treatments offer eye catching details. Lastly, experience the exterior courtyard off the kitchen where a refreshing dipping pool quietly awaits. An outdoor terrace with high ceilings features contemporary exterior seating in teak wood.