PRESIDENTIAL ESTATES|PLAYFUL YET SOPHISTICATED DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS THE YOUTHFUL NATURE OF THIS BOLD RESIDENCE.|Bold textures, bright colors, and metallic finishes are a common thread in the design of this 5,000 square foot residence. A transformative renovation resulted in interiors that reflect the taste of this family showcasing whimsical elements against vintage decor complimented with a curator’s touch of contemporary art. The vibrant living room with printed accents is divided by a bronze metal screen allowing visibility to the dining room where velvet chairs surround a grand table. Mirrors play a key role in allowing art and treasured accents to reflect creating artistic moments. Three suspended lamps mirror the lacquer and marble counters in the modern kitchen while a relaxed family room set in jewel tones has views to manicured landscaping allowing nature to set a soothing atmosphere. An informal dining room features stunning architectural elements from the moment you enter. The eye is drawn to a series of gold light fixtures in various heights down to the curvature of the table base and to the thin gold frame of the suede dining chair. A Manolo Valdez piece followed by a powder coated blue console leads you to the second floor where beautiful travertine floors let you discover unique bedrooms styled to individual tastes. The lush outdoor patio features a European seating area continuing the central theme of welcoming and entertaining.